Family Heirlooms

Generally I like to keep my jewelry understated and simple.  But I am loving all the arm candy I see pictured on Instagram, magazines and on my friends.  So I went through my jewelry box to see what combos I could put together and show my arm some love too.  That’s when I ran into these beauties!


This white knot set and turquoise set are roughly 60 years old!  They belonged to my husband’s great grandma. Great grandma Todd was born in 1915! I never got to meet her but I still hear wonderful stories about her life.


Rediscovering these sets made me realize a few things.  1. Fashion always comes back full circle!  They were rocking these bright statement pieces back in the 30’s!! 2. These pieces are high quality!  Despite the age, they are not tarnished, chipped or show any wear.  3. And more importantly, my in-laws love me!  I was gifted these two sets back when hubby and I were still dating.  Not only did they share a piece of their family legacy with me but they also knew I was going to be around for awhile!



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