DIY Boot Socks From An Old Sweater

Today I want to share my version of DIY boot socks from an old sweater.  These cute ruffly socks can run anywhere from $20+ at various local stores and Etsy.  I made a pair for roughly $7 with leftover lace for additional pairs.

You will need the following supplies:

An old sweater with sleeves that will fit over your calves.  When looking through your closet or at the local thrift store, make sure to check the sleeves, this is a very important detail.

Coordinating lace (I bought two yards because it was on sale but you only need about 1/4 yard)

Coordinating Buttons (optional)


Needles and thread


1. Cut the sleeves off around the armpit area. You can always trim the sleeve to make them shorter if they are too long for your calves.


2. To keep the cut raw edge from fraying, fold the fabric over twice and sew ImageImage

3. I cheated on this next step and used my sewing machine.  But if you don’t have one, you can easily sew the lace to the cuff of the sleeve.


4. Add buttons or additional embellishments


5. And you’re done! New boot socks from an old sweater in 4 simple steps.  These would be great for yourself or as stocking stuffers for the holidays!


Oh!  And every once in a while you will stumble upon a sweater that already has the perfect sleeves to be revamped to boot socks!



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