Hostess Gifts

No matter how and when you celebrate the Holidays this year, please don’t forget about the people opening up their homes to you.  Your host has thought about the menu, fought the crowds at the store, and slaved over the hot stove to make you an unforgettable meal!  Or at the very least, they cleaned the house and ordered all the food!
Below are 15 hostess gifts for under $20.  If you have the time, get them a little something special to show how thankful you are to be included in their holiday plans.  And if you’re crunched for time pick up some dessert, a bottle of wine or a bouquet of flowers.  Those work wonders too!
Hostess Gifts


Bath accessory

Revol serveware

Porcelain mug

Kitchen gadgets tool


Key bottle opener

Chef n mini storage

Shot Glass Set – Mustaches

Crate and Barrel cookie box

Distressed picture frame

CB2 book end


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