Guest Post by Little Pixie Crafts – Easy Hair Tie Tutorial

Season’s greetings Skip to the Details readers! My name is Karisa & I am the designer and owner of Little Pixie Crafts on Etsy. I have a quick and easy elastic hair tie tutorial for you that makes for a great stocking stuffer for friends and family. Here are the supplies that you’re going to need:

5/8 inch fold over elastic in any color or pattern. You can get this at a craft store or find it on Etsy sold in larger quantities.
Cutting mat or something to measure with
Scissors or rotary cutter
A lighter

Lay your elastic out flat, measure it 9 inches long and cut. I prefer to use a cutting mat and a rotary cutter because the measurements are visible on a flat surface and I can just run my blade across the elastic. Cutting mats and rotary cutters are an excellent investment and make cutting projects much easier!

Once your elastic is cut, wrap it around your fingers and tie the ends in a tight knot. To keep the elastic from fraying I like to hold a lighter about an inch away from the knotted end to seal off the elastic. Be very careful not to hold it there to long because your elastic could catch on fire or melt too far down. This step is optional, if you don’t mind a little fraying you can just leave the ends alone. 

Image Image

Finally, find a cute way to wrap up or package your finished hair ties. I took some brown card stock and cut it with a scallop paper punch, put a couple of holes in it and tied my elastics down with string. What I love most about this project is you can customize the quantity, color or pattern! If you aren’t the crafty type or you’re short on time, check out my Etsy shop to purchase a set of these elastic ties already made and packaged. ImageImage



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