Seeing Green

I’ve got green on the mind. I’m not talking about money. I’m talking about home decor (but…now that I think about it, changing your decor may indeed equal spending money)! We’re making some changes and upgrades to our home so this a perfect opportunity to create a warm, inviting and kid-friendly living room.

I mentioned green because the living room has green carpet. We’re not going to rip it up just yet because it is still in good condition. The color and the texture isn’t bad or memorable but it will take some planning and coordinating to buy the right color and style of furniture.

I’ve been playing with some room designs.

We have the Rustic look. 


The Retro look.


The Family look.


And the Glamorous look.


Ok that last one isn’t really practical for a family. Nor is it really following the green theme. But how fun would it be to be able to change your home out as your mood pleases?

What’s your favorite room in your house?


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