Jewelry Swap!


1. Send me an email. Answer the following questions below so your partner (and I) can get a hold of you and get an idea of what you like.

1. Name and mailing address
2. Email address
3. Blog and/or IG name
4. Jewelry style (classic, bold, retro, vintage)
5. Short Bio: (hobbies, favorite colors, personal style etc)

2. On or before March 1, I will email you your partner’s contact info and their short bio. If you have not heard from me by March 1, please double check your email (spam folders!) and then shoot me an email.

3. On or before March 15, find & mail your jewelry. This gives you almost two weeks to find and send out your package. But knowing you ladies, I don’t think shopping for jewelry will be a problem!

4. This is the fun part! Blog or Instagram your Jewelry Swapping Adventure. Be sure and use #jewelryswap2014 on Instagram so other participants can find you! I’d love to see what you received so don’t forget to tag me (@SkiptotheDetails)!

Some Tips and Comments:

1. I suggest a $15-$20 limit for your jewelry swap goodies. Feel free to spend more but keep in mind your partner may not be able to reciprocate the gesture.

2. You can include a gently used piece of jewelry that you think your partner would like. But be considerate and don’t send them something broken just to be rid of it.

3. If you are on Instagram, follow your partner to get an idea of their personality. Reach out to your partner and say hi. This isn’t a secret swap but I suggest keeping your package a surprise!

Disclosure: I am reserving the right to close the Jewelry Swap sign up if the numbers of participants get out of control! I am currently in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy, my sanity and baby’s well-being is my first priority. I am not profiting from coordinating this swap. I want this to be a fun experience for everyone and a way to meet other fashionistas, mamas, jewelry lovers and friends.

My contact info:
Loan F.
Instagram: @SkiptotheDetails

Thank you for participating in the First Annual Skip to the Details Jewelry Swap!


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