Happy Mother’s Day

Sometimes I forget that I’m a mother. I don’t mean the day to day stuff like soothing our newborn, baking gluten free treats for our toddler or running around in sweats and two (maybe three) day dirty hair trying to keep up with life. I mean I forget that I should let my husband and children celebrate and honor me on Mother’s Day. I forget that I should happily accept praise and feel good when others compliment me, my kiddies or the state of cleanliness of my home. I forget that I am pretty awesome for balancing the crazy phase of life right now. Image

I’ve had great examples of strong women in my life. My mom raised two girls with little help. She remained positive, set high standards for her girls and herself and she always did the right thing regardless of the extra effort it took or how inconvenient it might be.  My second mother, by marriage and by pure stroke of luck, is our biggest cheerleader. She has always been supportive and encouraging. She is always ready to pitch in and help with whatever crazy shenanigans my husband and I come up with. Image
This Mother’s Day I hope you cherish and honor the mother figure in your life. To the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, cousins and dad who are doing double duty – happy day to you!Image


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