Life Lessons From a Plant

  photo 1

At our last house, I made the mistake of digging up a beautiful dahlia bush thinking it was a weed. Sure the 6 inch wide rich dark purple flower should have been a sign that it wasn’t an aggressive weed but before the flowers were in full bloom, I saw the ugly leaves. And surely nothing that produces such beautiful flowers could be so ugly. So I dug it up and pulled it out. I spent the next seven summers trying to plant dahlias in my backyard with abysmal results. I still think about what could have been a lush and beautiful dahlia bush, fresh gorgeous flowers on my piano….

Fast forward to spring at our new house. Instead of pulling up everything I decided to wait and see what the previous owners had planted in the garden and around the house. The raised beds were full of weeds and the hedges were overgrown, but I thought of the dahlias and I waited.

And I got not one but three peony bushes!

Weeds to one person may be beautiful flowers to another. I need to see the beauty in the mundane and ‘ugly’.

photo 2 photo 3



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