Birthday Celebration at Anthropologie

I don’t use the word “favorite” lightly. Throw it around too much and it doesn’t carry as much significance. But I when I say Anthropologie is my favorite store, I mean it with a capital F and an exclamation mark!

When you step into one of their stores you will be in awe of their visual presentation. The window displays are made from reused or recycled materials, the decorations are imaginative and wildly creative.

Admittedly the prices are a little high but the pieces are unique enough where you won’t be able to find it anywhere else. And you won’t run the risk of wearing the same dress as someone else at the party (unless your sister or BFF is also an Anthro addict, in which case you two should coordinate). If you can wait for the items to go on sale, they’re generally 50% off.  I spend a little time online stalking the sale section, checking to see if my items have been marked down. It’s become a game I play with my sister and cousin. We identify the items and then check back frequently to see when the price has dropped. Then it’s a big excursion out to the nearest store to pick up all the items on our wish list.

IMG_4552IMG_4514  IMG_4513

I attended a special event at my local store this morning. In celebration of the July birthdays, they provided sweets and refreshments, a small gift and mason glass for you to take home and lastly they offered 15% off to your guests. (Side note: Anthro card holders get a 15% discount during their birthday month. This event extended the offer to your guest regardless of their birthday.)

As expected, Anthropologie did not disappoint.IMG_4521 IMG_4515  IMG_4508IMG_4542  IMG_4545


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