Stacking Rings

My wedding ring and a trinity ring my husband gave me are my every day staples.  I prefer my jewelry to be understated and simple as to not distract from the other two beauties on my fingers.  I have been ogling Fresh Tangerine’s jewelry for years.  Initially drawn to their clean and simple rings, I soon realized that although some of the other pieces were larger and had more details they were still thin and delicate in nature. So imagine how loudly I squealed when Fresh Tangerine offered to send me some dainty pieces to review and share with my readers!

Based in Seattle WA, Fresh Tangerine is the brain child of Kim, the founder, designer and Lady Boss of the shop.  Comprising a small team of five, the ladies design, manage, photograph and market all of their own jewelry.  This small business hand makes all their jewelry to be fun, versatile and delicate in appearance but strong enough to withstand every day wear.

image3  image2 image5


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