Have you heard of Poppyclips?  They are the stylish and functional answer to shorten your sleeves, change your hem or just add a pop of color to your outfit.  Two magnets sewn into a strip of fabric and when connected the poppyclip will allow you to alter your clothing without any damage or commitment.
P1330556 P1330567 P1330549
The two creative minds behind Poppyclips are Sacramento locals and they have turned their design into a must have accessory!  The shop carries well over 100 clips with different patterns, colors, rhinestones and the most recent addition: bows!

Visit the online shop here.  In case you don’t see something you like, the girls at Poppyclips are always taking suggestions and feedback for new colors and seasonal designs.

Outfit Details:
Gingham shirt & scarf: JCrew
Skirt: Zara
Boots: Hunters
Poppyclips: “Cloudburst” 

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