Eshakti – Customized and Tailored for a Woman

Confession: I’m a shorty.  Coming in at a whopping 5’2, I am usually the shortest in any given group.  Shopping for pants that fit is already a nightmare but it’s even more frustrating when I have to spend money on tailoring them!  So I felt like I hit the jackpot when I discovered Eshakti.  This ah-mazing shop designs clothing with you in mind, whatever your physical dimensions are.  You can customize everything in the shop, and I mean EVERYTHING.  They carry skirts, dresses, blouses, jackets and special event or wedding items!
This is my new custom Eshakti jacket.  I was able to modify the sleeve length and the overall length of the jacket.  The embroidered details are subtle and feminine.  Plus, the lightweight fabric is perfect for this transition into Spring!
P1350064 P1350072
Don’t believe me, check out the shop for yourself!
Outfit Details:
Coat: Eshakti 
Clutch: Target 

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