Thanks a Latte

The school year is coming to an end.  We have gotten to know and adore his teachers this past year.  We appreciate all the little tidbits they share about his day, taking the extra time to soothe him when he’s whiny and just putting up with him and his 19 other toddler classmates.  Yes, my son’s school day mostly consists of playing, snacking and arts and crafts but it’s a very important job and the teachers are great at it.

As a thank you gift, I put together this THANKS A LATTE care package for each teacher.  I got gift cards and travel tumblers from Starbuck (and don’t forget the cup sleeves).  I got this free “thanks a latte” printable off Pinterest and tweaked it to fit four to an 8.5 x 11 page.  Click Thanks a Latte  for the free PDF – please set your page to landscape and adjust your margins accordingly.
 photo 1  photo 2
 I put some tape on the back of the gift card so it stays in place in the sleeve.  Glued the sleeve onto the card and tied everything together with ribbon.  Added some chocolate because who doesn’t love chocolate?  Taa-dah!  A year end thank you gift for the teachers.
photo 3

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